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Flood Water Damage Restoration Services in Perth

Premier Flood Restoration in Perth is one of the leading water damage restoration companies that provide services to both domestic and industrial customers. Our services are water extraction from the carpet, carpet drying, wet carpet cleaning, carpet water damage mitigation, emergency service, sanitisation, treatment of moulds, and deodorisation. We are outstanding in the water damage restoration industry that can meet your expectations.

We are experts and very responsive in every flood damage restoration service that we provide in Perth. Our professional team is fully equipped with the knowledge and the latest tool that can be used for carpet drying, flooded carpet water extraction, and mould treatment. The services that we offer are affordable while providing top-tier results.

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    Same-day urgent response

    Natural flood and burst pipes can seldom happen without warning.

    When that arrives, you must ensure that a proficient restorer will answer promptly and provide same-day urgent service in Perth.

    Our technicians will:

    • Immediately evaluate the damage and do a survey.
    • Take the water out from the floor coverings.
    • Use drying equipment for fast drying with daily monitoring on the progress
    • Apply treatment, deodourisation, sanitisation, and conduct complete clean-up.

    Emergency carpet drying and cleaning services

    Are you looking for emergency carpet drying and cleaning services in Perth? Our team can provide prompt services to meet your demands during emergencies. Regardless of how huge is the extent of water damaged to your carpets, we can restore it to its original condition.

    We have trustworthy experts who can deliver exemplary carpet drying results. If you are worried about how much you can spend on carpet drying, we can offer you a budget-friendly emergency carpet drying and cleaning services in Perth.

    Residential carpet drying in Perth

    Premier Flood Restoration offers safe residential carpet drying service in Perth. With our skilled specialists, we can dry your carpet efficiently through our advanced drying equipment.

    For your home safety, we can also provide water damaged mitigation to reduce the risk of losses.

    Our domestic carpet drying in Perth includes carpet cleaning, carpet water extraction, carpet drying, and carpet moulds treatment.

    At a budget-friendly cost, you can avail these services from us with top-quality results.

    Commercial carpet drying in Perth

    Our flood damage restoration services in Perth have diverse work approaches when contrasted to other businesses.

    We offer a complete commercial carpet drying solution in Perth.

    The included services that we provide are odour elimination, complete cleaning solutions, carpet drying, and moulds treatment. We understand that experiencing a water damage event can become stressful.

    Our common approach in water damage restoration process

    Water damaged carpet assessment

    Our specialists will reach your premises to conduct a carpet inspection. We need to determine the cause of the damage and how to deal with it appropriately.

    Flooded carpet water extraction

    We will start extracting the water out from your carpet after inspecting the severity of water damaged carpet. Once the water is fully removed from the carpet, we use moisture readings to check the level of dampness.

    Preparing the equipment

    Our team will install dehumidifiers to keep your carpet free from mildew and moulds. At the same time, we use air movers to completely dry the carpet.

    Wet carpet drying

    We want to ensure that everything is restored to its natural condition. Our team will also include the carpet’s underlay and subflooring during the drying process. There is no exemption during this procedure as long as it is within our scope.

    Progress monitoring

    While the carpet drying is ongoing, we check the level of dampness by using moisture readings equipment. We need to assure that your carpet is free from dampness.

    Removing of drying equipment

    When we are done drying your carpet, our team will remove both the dehumidifiers and air movers so we can proceed with carpet cleaning.

    Wet carpet cleaning

    After drying your carpet, we conduct carpet steam cleaning to restore your carpet to its pre-event condition. We guarantee you a clean and safe carpet by doing this effective cleaning approach.

    Carpet deodorisation

    Ultimately, we deodorise your carpet to protect it from mildew and harmful bacteria.

    Why choose Premier Flood Restoration Perth

    Premier Flood Restoration in Perth is quick to adapt and very responsive during emergencies. Various flood damage restoration services are offered to homeowners and industrial clients at cost-effective rates with top-notch quality results. We are always available daily and will be there at your premises within an hour.

    We are a group of professional restorers who offer affordable flood damage restoration in Perth. Our vast experience and extensive training made us confident in providing quality work.

    Companies such as Premier Flood Restoration in Perth can outstandingly complete daunting tasks such as extreme water extraction, daily monitoring of the drying processes, moulds treatment, sanitisation, thorough clean-up, and deodourisation. Flood damage restoration services that we offer in Perth can guarantee you satisfying results.


    Our emergency specialists normally arrive within an hour anywhere in Perth.

    You can move it to avoid stains and accidental damage to your furniture. In a way, this will also be beneficial in preventing mould growth in your belongings.

    If the source is black water, replacement is required. However, if it's a dishwasher and hot water system, replacement is not required as we can totally mend and dry your underlays perfectly.

    Yes, we do. Premier Flood Restoration offers efficient mould treatment for your flooded carpet. Our team uses organic treatments to ensure that it's safe from microbes and prevents the potential growth of moulds.

    Yes, we can. Through our emergency services, our fast-acting technicians can help you at any time of the day or night and deliver complete flooded carpet drying for you.