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Water problems can be one of the most common kinds of destructive events that you can face in your home. They can result from natural disasters, or damaged pipework, leaking faucets and other reasons. If you do not take care of them on time, they can cause further damage in your home. The most dangerous consequence of such damages is mould growth, which can be harmful for your health.
Also, subsequent problems mean costly restoration solutions. This is why it is important to choose a knowledgeable professional to assist you in drying the water from the rooms.
With just one call Premier Flood Restoration will be to help. Our same-day flood restoration service makes sure that you will have the assistance needed as soon as possible.

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How do we do it?

It is nearly impossible to predict flood damage. However, if you notice any water related damages it is vital to act proactively.

This is why, you should call the experts in flood clean up. When done so, our colleagues will be capable to proceed and reply effectively. Knowing how important it is to deal with the water damage, they will provide a same-day urgent flood restoration help in Dwellingup. 
When you get in touch with us, our specialists will get to your property in Dwellingup within an hour.

What is the extent of the problem?

As soon as you get in touch with us, our When you contact us, the initial thing that our flood restoration technicians in Dwellingup will do is to assist in the determination of the extent of the water damage and what might have brought it. This is the first step, as the pros need to know of the initial problem, and therefore provide a full water damage restoration to your property.

Water damage inspection

Same day service

For us, the most essential thing is customers’ satisfaction. This is why we assure quick assistance on the same day in Dwellingup.
Thanks to our professional tools we can make sure that the work is done in a moment’s notice.

Water Extraction

Results’ monitoring

If the dehumidifying is done successfully, you should not see any further issues. However, to make sure of that, our water extracting experts in Dwellingup will be performing post-service monitoring of the outcome.

Drying and Dehumidification Service


Premier Flood Restoration care about your family’s well-being. Because of this, after removing the water, our technicals will utilise additional methods to decrease the level of your exposure to diseases and to leave your home clean and safe. The work is completed with a professional deodorization, cleaning and sanitizing for a complete peace of mind.

Cleaning and Sanitizing Service

Final Assessment

In the end, our local pros will carefully double-check the situation, which will ensure that there will be no other problems and will ensure your satisfaction.

Flood Damage Restored

Why you should choose our company?

Our specialists are devoted to replying rapidly to every water related issues. Thanks to our immediate actions the costs and damage limits will be reduced to minimum.
Available around the clock and 365 days a year near you in Dwellingup, our experienced specialists will clean up the property until you are fully satisfied with the results.
It is crucial to get a specialized team, part of a trustworthy water damage restoration company in order to handle the situation in the best way possible!
We are faster, compared to any disaster.

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Classification of the Water Problems

Your household can experience different kinds of water damages caused by many reasons. There exist a couple of dominant categories. It is vital to know that all of them can be dangerous in a way. It is crucial that you should get the proper flooding removal solution according to the nature of the issue. And you should get it done by a certified expert.

Black Water

Black water is the most threatening of all. Black water issues have a negative impact over your health and well being.  
It can be a result of seawater or groundwater. This is why it demands specific attention.
After the dehumidification is done, our specialists in Dwellingup will make the mandatory urgent disinfecting and sanitizing to protect your health. We can handle the task expertly!

Black water damage restoration

Grey Water

Grey water has water from different utilizations, in the likes of pipes, toilets, washing machines and others.
Substances like soap, grease food, dirt, dead skin cells that this type of water damage contains can let damaging organisms to be passed on through your hands or come into contact with your skin. Long time and higher temperatures can allow gray water become increasingly contaminated. We can help you get rid of it fast.

Greywater Flood Damage Restoration

Clear Water

Clear water can also cause damages. It can come from sources like defective supply lines, overflowing bathtubs, toilet tank leaks, or rain and melting snow. The basic distinction between all types of water problems is that the clear water doesn’t have any dirt and grime. It is worth clarifying that a lack of action can easily turn this harmless water into one of the dangerous categories of water we already discussed.
To ensure that your household will remain free from danger, our local experts in Dwellingup will take the steps needed for a fast resolution.

Clean water damage restoration

Trustworthy Same Day Services for Your Home or Office

Residential Emergency Water Restoration Services in Dwellingup

for homeowners

We are aware that your house is your safe place. Our clients are everything to us and we will do our best for them to be safe. This is why we provide assistance if you have to get rid of mould, restore your carpets and furniture damage caused by any water damages. We will stand by your side through each step of the process, until you are fully satisfied with the result.
In case of an emergency, we are equipped to act as soon as possible and rid you of water damage in Dwellingup.

Commercial Emergency Water Restoration Services in Dwellingup

for businesses

Water damage can affect your business building at any time. It could disturb your business, no matter if the damage is caused by a natural disaster or a broken pipe. It can cause a lowering of your business productivity. So when you have an emergency situation, Premier Flood Restoration offer quick, 24/7/365 solutions in Dwellingup.
When it comes to your business we got your back!


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